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PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2006 2:58 pm  Reply with quote
God Himself

Joined: 08 May 2005
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Just had a mad fight.

i logged my raven off in scalding pass to go do some stuff.

I come back and the gangs gone and I'm all alone in the same system we killed an enemy carrier in earlier, run lol.

I make the run towards curse region, i just into system, and a frig follows me in, no worries, i got javilins.
he decloaks and warps out, i notice a merlin on the gate.
So i start locking the merlin.
He scrams me and turns his MWD on as charges me, just as i lock and fire a volley of hot death into his face, he instapops.
I laugh.
Then, a falcon decloaks next to me, OH FUCK.
Align you mother fucker, Scrammed nad jammed, oh shite.
Rax and wolf warps in and start picking at me, i drop drones just before the rax agros me so the drones go for him.
Drones only hit the rax once or twice and he runs, leaving me jammed and scrammed by the falcon and wolf.

Falcon fails jam, i fire a volley into him, jammed again.
Falcon fails jam again, i pwn him with the second volley mmm killmail, wolf runs in low armor.

I laugh, collect cans.

Blahdi > how was i hostile?
heyjoe52 > you warped in on our gate without warning and didnt pay a toll
Blahdi > you didnt ask for a toll
heyjoe52 > fuck, forgot that part
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Euphoria Released Forum Index -> E-R Stories

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