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   Euphoria Released Forum Index -> E-R Stories -> The story of a little Brutix...that could...
PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:54 pm  Reply with quote
God Himself

Joined: 01 Dec 2005
Posts: 2664
Location: In Morgs basement

(this is a driect transfer from maza forums, where i posted this on the 30th of January 2006, it was after my first big eve break, during new years holidays, while i still was in the military - Oh, and bear with me, the story is a bit roleplayish Wink )

I wake up, clouds filling up my mind..I hadnt been awake for more than a month..It took some minutes to get used to the goo once more after waking up from my dream...
I find myself sleeping inside my Atron class Frigate docked in the station of Balle..A quick check.. E-R is no more.The alliance is no more..I feel overwhelmed by emotions...Think of unspeakable things..
I quickly do a scan and check my clones.I find a jump clone in MN5, Fountain Region. I see that i have a good to go brutix at that system. No second thought is needed.I shall unleash my emotions upon the universe the best way i do...Blasters...

After jumping, a quick system check.. About a dozen hostiles in system with me.. As soon as they notice me,they start taunting me..Trying to make me angry and make a mistake..They dont know that im already pissed off..I undock at once.. A Zealot Heavy Assault class cruiser is there waiting for me.I notice the dazzling effects of a sensor booster.He is combat fitted. Fair for him.

I engage him, his armor cant take the punishment of my blasters for more than 20 seconds..He makes maneuvers to dis-engage and flee while i notice the scanner filling up with hostiles..I align my ship to a planet...I see the hostiles dropping out of warp approximately 30km away from me.A Crusader Interceptor class Elite Frigate, a Moa class Cruiser, a Raven class Battleship.. i stay on the zealot.Its nearly space dust now..A few more precious seconds are needed..
A Hyperion Class Battleship undocks.Hostile. He turns on his sensor boosters, initiates locking...The Zealots structure cant take any more punishment as it explodes.. i warp out...

One less BoB ship in Fountain..The thought makes me happy..Too bad i couldnt stay for the capsule..Next time..

Some hours later, waiting for the situation to calm down in the system, i begin my hunt once more..Shrike is now in local aswell..I scan the system...Ship Name : ''Darwins Contraption''... Ship Type : Avatar class Titan.Holy shit...This is big..I scan it down in what seems an asteroid belt.I follow the signal and engage warp..

This ship, is a miracle of modern age..I cant help but just stand there, looking at it..Distracted by the beauty of the ''monster'' in front of me, i dont notice my scanner filling up with more Evolution ships. A Pilgrim class Reckon Cruiser starts dropping out of warp near me. Quick reflexes and some luck saved my ship..I quickly warped out, as more and more hostile ships started dropping out of warp to ''protect'' their ''God''.. Cant blame them.. Seeing M4Z4 in local means trouble for anyone and anything...

I take a short break at the station.. The Serpentis guards make sure that noone gets near me nor my ship while aboard the station.Felt good having outlaws there, instead of stupid CONCORD officers who just look the other way..

I wanted to see it again..I wanted to play around with it.Even if it ment the loss of my ship..I quickly undock..A Sacriledge class Heavy Assault Cruiser was just outside..I engage it and start bending its armor..Tough bitch.. He would've gone down if a Cerberus class Heavy Assault Cruiser hadnt undocked and started engaging me aswell.. Some quick maneuvers with my mini-behemoth and im out once more.. Comms are filled up with pissed off BoB pilots..I scan down a Drake class Tier2 BattleCruiser in an asteroid belt..I follow its signal, warp on top of it and quickly dispatch it adding more dust to the asteroid scenery.. Easy kill..He never went past my armor..This Brutix is really battle hardened..I feel it has a spirit and a will of its own..As if it takes my orders before i even think of them..I love this ship.. I named it Death..And trust me, there is a reason behind this name...
But, i seek the real Behemoth of this Universe..I must see it, at least once more..
I find it again at an asteroid belt..Testing its extreme armor versus the poor serpentis pirates that assembled with the hope of destroying it..Idiots.Waste of ships.

Its beautifull...The space drifts around it as if its the center of everything..Its dazzling color..The darkness enveloping it...Turning into pure light..Its just beautifull...Oh fuck....I snap out..But its beautifull..I want to stay..
''Death'' doesnt deserve this end.

Shrike engages the DoomsDay Device planted on the Beast...Once more, my ship took the first action on its own, aligning..I order it to warp out...I watch the Serpentis pirates burn under its pure and holy white fire, as my ship quickly escapes the same fate..Luck?Reflexes? I call it ''Death''..My Brutix..It has served me well...It will continue to do so, i am sure of it..It has its own spirit, its own will..It shares my feelings..My desires..My hatred.My will.Too bad the cameras surrounding the ship malfunctioned during the explosion and never recorded the blast..its there though..In my mind. ''Death'' knows it aswell now..He escaped it..

I taunt Shrike in local.. I even warp back on top of him..Now with a plan, just to piss him off..My firepower isnt enough to take this Beast down..All i can do, is fool around while enjoying the view..

Apparently he gets annoyed after ''missing'' me with his main weapon. He activates his compatible-smartbombs..

''Death'' could take the damage easily enough, but more ships were en route..I had to call it a night.. Disturbing the most powerful ship in the Universe,even if you are M4Z4, isnt something that will go by unnoticed..Well, i was alone.. This Behemoth will go down, by M4Z4 guns..

Mark my words..

Next time ''Darwins Contraption''..

Death awaits.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:58 pm  Reply with quote
God Himself

Joined: 01 Dec 2005
Posts: 2664
Location: In Morgs basement

Hope you guys like it.. I was shy to post it here cause of its roleplayish content Cool

And too bad that particular Avatar went down by RA/Goons.. I wanted its killmail Wink meh

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 10:33 pm  Reply with quote
Carrier Pilot

Joined: 07 Oct 2005
Posts: 328

Nice one Nath, I think I missed every Titan killed in Eve when I was away. When I came back, it was like several died.

Reminds me of the time I was in vent while in NBSI academy and was speeding towards Great Wildlands while listening to alliance killing the first Dread on EVE. By the time i got there, the enemy was dead and I helped collect loot. Seem to have set a consistent motion as I think I missed several other capital kills as well later when in ER. I think its a curse to be honest.
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