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   Euphoria Released Forum Index -> E-R Stories -> A Pilgrim and Falcon walk into a bar...
PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:57 am  Reply with quote
God Himself

Joined: 30 Apr 2006
Posts: 2466

... and every 1 self destructs caus frankly that's more interesting then waiting to be ground down.

A quick story..

There was the WH i had scanned out in the afternoon I decided to check again in the evening. I jumped in and found a Abaddon on scanner, then two Abaddons and then a Rokh.

A quick shout on vent and in corp and we have a gang moving to the system (3 from amarr, i cant remember the name). We have 2 Pilgrims, Abso, mega, panther, falcon, sleip (from what i remember). Only problem is that the WH is rdy to die, mass not time.

So Knifeette is inside rdy to probe, cloaky stuff is cloaked on the empire side of the WH, non cloaky stuff rdy to warp at the planet. I move probes into position, 100% hit with my first scan, everyone jump, I'm going to gang warp onto the 3 BS.

I jump. Eden Jumps. Wormhole dies.

At this point I'm still scanning. Their buzzard is on scan, so I decide to probe it down. At the same time someone from the BSs corp warps to the empire side of the WH. I get a hit and warp Knifee onto it, just as the buzzard warps back to the spot the WH used to be at.

Eden is 40km, Knifeette 170km, Knifee has warped to god knows where. I warp Knifee to the WH BM at 0, as i'm in warp Eden says the Buzzard dropped probes so chances are hes looking at the map... uncloaked and not moving.

Knifee lands, pointed, drones, dead. Pod scrambled.

Someone points out that without their covert they probably cant get out, so i let the pod go caus it will be funnier to make him self destruct.

Back to the BSs then.

Knifeette has scanned the 3 BS and a pod down to a SS, so I warp Knifee in on them. I point one of the Abaddons, and start neuting him. Two of the BS drop drones and i'm quickly in amour but my drones are killing theirs quickly enough. Eden arrives at range and then everything is jammed.

The two BSs that aren't pointed warp off. Then for 15-20min me and Eden are jamming, shooting, droning and neuting this Abaddon while his two friends warp in to snipe, but then get perma jammed by Eden.

Finally with the Abaddon going down, hes in about 15% armour and hasn't repped for a while, he self destructs. Overload everything. Which in this case is 3 neuts, a 425mm AC and 2 assault launchers. Overloading doesn't help and two min. later pop hes gone.

In the mean time the second Abaddon has warped in at 0, bean jammed but isn't moving. I point him, he explodes.

Recons 0 - 2 Self destructs.

After that, I find a new worm hole, which goes to w-space. It turns out the new system is that same one that we were in a couple weeks back, where we ended up in the drone regions coming back though n-rael. I still had the BMs.

This time the exit was into Domain lowsec and me and Eden were back in Amarr 7j later.

So in the last week or so I've had a paladin and two Abaddons self destruct rather then wait for me to kill them. Makes me sad Sad

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[15:52:58] Evil Edna > in failville
[15:53:13] Christopher Multsanti > is that low sec?
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:43 am  Reply with quote
Cov Ops Hunter

Joined: 25 Jun 2005
Posts: 282

I think it would have taken about 20mins mins per Abbadon to actually kill but they couldnt do anything! Probably the only time you could go afk in the middle of pvp!

It was a bit sad yes, should be some penalty for self destructiong... such as.. you drop all your mods not none, and rigs maybe?

Cheers for getting me out again Knifee! Time to work on a dps Falcon setup....
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:42 pm  Reply with quote
Forum Spammer

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so are u guys done with the cearbear period? and where to meet up with for this pew pew thingy

cartiff wrote:
Lunas, stop being a drama queen and chill, get laid if you must, but remember, pat's dad needs to get to sleep early as he works for a living.
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