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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 11:45 pm  Reply with quote

I'm sure all in ER are aware of the recent situation which when on with regards to Lunas.

Lunas was to be kicked from corporation, after i heard this i was appalled and lead a forum thread against it happening. I got contacted by a few people who were equally upset with the decision who decided to add their voice to my own.

We stopped lunas being kicked.

*Wrong Alpha did*

Silvitni obviously got pissed off at this and decided to take it upon himself to take all the dreads/pos from ER's hangers. Like a child who didn't get his way.

Silvitni obviously made an ultimatum to Cartiff, kick me and ER gets their stuff back, dont kick me and ER gets nothing.

*Wrong* Cartiff approached Silv not other way round

Cartiff obliged.

I get asked by cartiff in corp chat to come to mn5n to put some stuff in the corp hanger. I go there, but he has alt troubles, at this time my forum access gets removed. Cartiff intended to have some sick revenge on me for this situation by giving me an item to put into corp hanger and having me notice my access was removed, then kick me. That didnt work out but as soon as i voiced my forum access was gone in corp chat, i was kicked.

Cart then relayed to alphamarine that i had threatened ER with destruction if Silv was let back in.

2006.12.22 21:40
The Cosby > hello again
Aneu Angellus > Just a warning, if Silv is let back in ER
Aneu Angellus > i will rip your corp apart
The Cosby > firstly, lmao
The Cosby > secondly, what E-R does is none of your business
Aneu Angellus > Thats all i have to say
The Cosby > thirdly, Silv is leaving eve
Aneu Angellus > Good

but concidering the next bit of evidence, that was impossible.

*You still had the convo regardless of when it happened*

***Aneu Angellus > i will rip your corp apart****


Caldari Provisions - 2006.12.22 21:29:00

I was kicked from corp at 21:29
I made that convo at 21:40

After i was kicked and i stand by what i said also. Silv did this to me and im not happy at all.

*Wrong, Cartiff done this to you for not taking part in corp ops or comms prior to him leaving, your not in ER to run plexes whilst all other pilots in ER give it their all*

I was the skape-goat blamed for internal troubles that cart couldnt deal with, i was made to be the skape-goat for his ego.

*Wrong again, see above*

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 11:48 pm  Reply with quote
God Himself

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Yes but you still said you would rip corp apart, regardless of when you said it, there's no way i or anyone in this corp can trust anything you do now.

I am sorry it ended this way, it makes me a sad puppy that one of my corp mates would say this about our corp.

I hope you find fun again in Eve.

When the time comes ill be there!
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