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   Euphoria Released Forum Index -> E-R Stories -> DWA - Finfleet gets its arse pwned in 0t-
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 7:14 am  Reply with quote
God Himself

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Well, we;ve been living in 0t- in Stain now for just over 2weeks, in that time we've driven off the hostiles in local and surrounding systems, and they've pulled back to their bases in T-NN (5jumps away) and 1H4 (6jumps away)
I woke up and as usual i logged into vent the second my computer started.
As i sit on my floor (still no computer table, over a year now lol) i hear Dellie shouting on vent, "theres a fucking obelisk, get the fucker scrambled!!"
Holy shit i thought, as i quickly load up the EVE client and mofo through the character selection screen.
Dellie "I'm warping my carrier onto the gate to pwn them, lets go ladz!"
No knowing wtf is going on, i quickl;y jump in my carrier and undock, cos I'm damned if Dellies going to get all the fun.
Its about then i look t local and theres 30+ hostiles in local, yum yum.
More DWA carriers undock as well as shae in a geddon, we all warp to the gate and find chaos and mayhem in full swing.

Dellies landed at 10k from the gate so he can use his smartbombs, where as i come in at 0, and start unleashing the pwn.
Will ocmes in with his carrier, Avoid too and Zaentz(think it was Z, dunno might have been juil, dunno but we defo had 5 carriers there)

Enemy has around 15BS + lots of support, their freighter jumps through the gate, and they stay to cover its retreat.
Its madness, we have over 50 fighters on the field and we're chewing bs's at an alarming rate.
All their BS are on the gate, but aligning obviously, but that doesn't matter when there is a carrer + geddon on gate scramming and webbing them lol.
Shae starts screaming on vent like a little bitch "They've called me priamry, I'm going down!! please help me, I'll suck your cock!!"

As all who know Shae know, shae sucks a lovely cock so i quickly lock him and start remote boosting him, saving his geddon.
(I'm yet to recieve my reward! Sad "

Morgs warp in, in his myrmidon, screen locks up and then he wakes up in empire lol.
We're totally owning them and we're killing bs's faster than i can lock them lol.

A few bs start warping out them coming back at range, and start providing sniper cover for the people still stuck with us, so i login my vaga alt and quickly undock and warp in, i scramble a bs which dies to fighters, but during this i get uber blobbed by frigs, had 5 tacklers on my vaga, i managed to kill 1, drive 2 others off, but then i ran out of shield, then god knows what happened, all my armor+structure instantly disapeared, i can only assume all their sniper bs alpha'd me at the same time.

Ah well, logged him off and carried on with cart, then the enemy warp in 3 carriers, and start fighting our carriers with them lol.
They all land next to wills carrier which is far awy from the rest of our carriers, but its all good, we're still popping bs and their support is keeping away from our carriers lol (nos/neut/scram/web carriers = pwn)
Its about this time that i call the retreat, as Finfleet have dreads in 1H4, and they only require a cyno to totally get this battle under their control.
The battles been going on for about 15-20mins, easily enough time for a dead pilot to fly back to 1h4, grab a cyno ship and come back.

So i order the retreat, and we dock in our carriers.

Brain wave time, we all switch into fast frigs/vagas and undock, jump through their fleet and run to 1H4, in the hopes of catching any finfleet reinforcements before they can group up with the main fleet, mission successful lol, we catch a domi which is inroute to join up with the fleet, and we're all over him, just before he blows, more enemies start pouring in to help the domi, domi blows and we run for it, too many command ships to fight.
We run back to 0t- and narrowly miss their fleet again, (we were going to try and land just before they warped and scram a target lol)

We hold 1jump from 0t- on the gate leading to 1H4, and sure enough a cyno kestral comes through the gate, which we quickly dispatch and then go home lol.

After this battle, Finfleet have refused to engage us and have moved all thier pvpers 40 jumps away to help an ally in Feyth lol.

End kills = 8bs + 5-10 support
End Losses = 1bs 2support

Carriers 4TW

Blahdi > how was i hostile?
heyjoe52 > you warped in on our gate without warning and didnt pay a toll
Blahdi > you didnt ask for a toll
heyjoe52 > fuck, forgot that part

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PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 8:34 am  Reply with quote
Site Owner

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carriers 4tw...
was a classic.. 'i don't care whats on the other side, lets fight' move of me again Embarassed Embarassed
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Shaemell Buttleson
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 11:29 am  Reply with quote
God Himself

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You Bastard!

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:59 am  Reply with quote

Thats a nice doe. A lot bigger than the one I didnt get. I know what you mean about crawling through cactus. Im still pulling some out from a month ago.
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