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   Euphoria Released Forum Index -> E-R Stories -> Great night from the F-E war.
PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 12:06 pm  Reply with quote

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(Copied from private forums. Original post several weeks ago, but we needed something here =) )

Holy shit. The two hours before downtime were CRAZY. It started with a takedown of a raven in spotted in Jita:


Then, off to Taisy area to see what we could find. Not much. Then, bored of camping with no targets, I took off towards Mastakomon, finding a FE raven slow-boating it to the gates. Nearest friendlies were 4j away and he was going to escape. Luckily, Stulmar happened to be in Mastakomon in his claw grabbing some skills. Inty + rax vs Raven? LEEEROY!

(Related caracal kill a bonus)

At almost exaclty the same time a tempest was going down in Obe to similar odds(1 frig, 1 cruiser vs bs), but that was to two CI (non-ER) pilots.

The next hour and 15 minutes 'till DT were INSANE. Shuttles and pods and newb ships and haulers were flying everywhere and we scattered chasing flashing red all over obe area. Until a BS showed up 60km off the hakonen gate in obe:


A snipest came and started blasting us as we stole the Apoc's phat lewts, but everyone got away... except Stulmar (though one of my drones went haywire when I was warping away from the tempest - in structure - so I got on his killmail too =).

Final result was something like 4 bs, 1 cruiser, 2 indys, plus a slew of shuttles and newb ships and pods killed to the loss of 1 inty. In about 2 hours. With 5 people in gang. With nothing but a bomber, an af, an inty, and a couple Tech 1 cruisers. Often fighting seperate battles. Simultaneously.

I'm still shaking. That kicked ass.
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Euphoria Released Forum Index -> E-R Stories

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